I would like to mention what is the reason I'm writing this article and sharing this information, and the reason because now I'm at my balcony writing an article for which I'm getting paid for and this is one of the 7 ways and I will mentioned it further how and what to do with it.

One of the things worth mentioning that the movie Wall-E quite predicated the feature of our nature you can see here the trailer to understand better what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/PbJQLHUtljg This is one of my favorite movies and the reason of my mention it because in this movie the earth is gone and everything done automatically, and that’s where we are all going there will be no more jobs left, everything will replace us so for now before the movie becomes realty we can still make money from home sitting at our own house and make an income. 

So who is going to pay me while I'm sitting at home?  

Believe it or not there are so many ways to make money from home, they are endless.  

Lets start from the big companies for example 

1.Is Https://www.Google.com ! 

Yes sir or mam there is something that called AdSence from google https://www.google.com/adsense/signup/new/lead?referer=https://www.investingchef.com As you can see InvestingChef site is full of advertisements, this advertisements generated by AdSenceInvestingChef is getting paid from AdSence because you are now can see this advertisements.  Ok, so now when I know who is going to pay me, what do I need to do? Well.. Start a website, start a blog, find to write interesting things so people will enjoy read. The more people read your article the more money you will make. It is simple. 


2. Https://www.YouTube.com

! Believe it or not YouTube also pays you money, how many times you searched for how to make a good egg, or how to feed your kids and so on.. Each time that you searched and found a YouTube a small commercial was shown, the person who made the content of this YouTube video which you are watching was profiting from you! So what to do? Open a YouTube channel make it interesting for people to receive information from it, and you will get paid, it called Monetization – you can click here to see search reasults from google: https://www.google.com/search?q=monetization+youtube 


3. Articles

Do what I do, find a company that will pay you for your articles, write interesting articles from home and get paid for it. There are allot of companies that willing to pay up to $40 for each article that you write. Where to find? Ask any website that has articles go one by one like door to door. 


4. Crypto world!

This is one of the unbelievable worlds that came to our lives 10 years ago and now it the major cash flow of all the underworld lords. And for us regular people it’s a great way to profit and gain income. Twice already I’ve managed to gain profit on Bitcoin. Different people that I worked for small projects before paid my in Bitcoin for my work, at that time bitcoin was very small 3.5k per 1 BTC, they paid me $35 for each small project several and several times. I already have substantial amount of BTC only the huge plus is! That is now not 3.5k but It is now https://www.google.com/search?q=btc+usd&oq=btc+usd 1 Bitcoin equals 7,925.45 United States Dollar So as you can see I more than doubled my money only on this. There are allot of ways getting a BTC in each country. One of the easiest ways is to go to trading companies, they assist in buying BTC, for example as far as I know toolstrades.com signals site shows this companies here: https://fxvc.eu/open-account/?aff=41 You can sign up with them and try to see how to buy, the minimum buying I think is $500. 



One of the services I use very often for my benefit is using Fiver: https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=48328&nci=5929 I do not know if it is going more under category of making money because you can sign up with them and provide your services for the public, nevertheless, is more also for purposes of saving money, and saving also allot of time and money. People like you and me providing service to other people, it’s cost very small it’s quick and professional. So yes, check it out. 

6. Extra hour

One of the things that when we talk with friends and finding more ways to get income while working from home, we allot of times also discuss why not just stay another 1 hour at work? A. It will show your boss that you are serious about what you do and might have a promotion and go under his good grace. B. Let's say 1 hour extra it’s $2 so another 23 working days it’s another $46 in a year it’s another $552 in a year and in a time of 30 working years it’s another $15,556 just for staying extra 1 hour... but that’s just an anecdote that I wanted to mention. 


7. Trading Signals ToolsTrades.com

You hear allot about not only crypto trading but forex trading. There are allot of people making money on it, because it is so complicated the only thing that I know and can recommend to start with is the ToolsTrades website, they provide free education and trading signals once you invest in a new Trading platform with minimum of $250. So before you decide to start trading forex please sign up with them and save allot of money and make profits using their signals: https://www.toolstrades.com/?a_aid=investingchefmakemoney 95% of the reviews about them says that they are not a scam so give it a try. 

I would like you guys to try all the steps that was provided in the article, and not only that also comment in the comment sections for others to show them what worked for you best, assist others the same as I assist you.