Adflippers - great way to make money through advertisement

You came to this page because you clicked on an advertisement.

Advertisers receive payment each time people like you click on an ad.
You too can also earn money the same exact way by managing digital ads.
I will show you right now exactly how to do this and how easy it is, step by step.
It’s a well-known fact that Facebook, Google, and all major websites make their money from users clicking advertisements on their sites. 
But if you have no experience with websites and running ad campaigns, the new platform is designed just for you. 
The platform has a marketplace stacked with all of the top name brand ads ready to go. Nike, BMW, Revlon, Fortnite, all the top name brands are there. 

Here is how to use the platform to make money, from start to finish.


Sign up and log in to the platform (signup is free)


Click “Marketplace” from the sidebar and from there, choose the ads you want to promote. 



To select the ads you want to promote, just click on them and follow the instructions. 
You will be asked to set the duration of the campaign, as well as the daily budget. 
I recommend starting with 2 weeks for new campaigns and a small budget to test it out. 


Now launch the campaign. Once you click launch, the campaign is automatically set up and will begin to start earning ad revenue for you, every time someone clicks on your ad.
Now you can sit back and wait for the ad revenue to come in to your wallet, click by click by click. 


To view your profits from your ad campaigns, simply click on the “My Campaigns” tab on the sidebar. You can withdraw your profits at any time. 
 Total control is right in the platform at your fingertips. 
The platform uses the exact same methods as the professionals for making money from digital advertising. 
Average profits from ad revenue range between 8.000 to 14.000 a month. 
Once a campaign is launched, the clicks start streaming in day and night. 
You will wake up in the morning having earned ad revenue while you slept.


The best strategy is to launch a few different ad campaigns at the same time, then sit back and wait 2 weeks for the campaigns to finish to see which of the campaigns performed the best and earned the most money.
To see which of your campaigns were the most profitable, click “My Campaigns” in the sidebar and go look at the stats of your completed campaigns. The column marked “Net Profit” will show you which of your campaigns earned the most money.
Drop the weakest performing ads and increase the strongest ones. Keep testing and optimizing until all of your campaigns are doing well. 
This may take a month or two, but this is the exact method the professionals use to “optimize” their ad campaigns and maximize their profits. With the platform, this takes no more than 5-10 minutes a day.